Brine Street Picklery. Philly Born, Philly Brined.

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Here's the real dill

A couple years back, our Head Pickler was enjoying some Bloody Marys down in NOLA when he had a delicious pickled green bean. And he liked these beans so much that he wanted to try making them on his own. So he came back to Philly and began experimenting in his kitchen lab on Brine Street, mixing and matching the freshest local ingredients around. And thus, Zing Beans were born.

Fast forward some years and lots of batches later to when a group of regular people – who love pickles – came together to turn the Brine Street lab into a full-blown Picklery. Now, we’re just regular people making pickles in the city. The city of Philadillphia.

Picklery (Noun): Pik-uhl-ry

An establishment for creating pickled goods by preserving them in delicious and addictive brine.

What We Do

We make the most snackable pickles in the Philly area, sourced from as many local and seasonally fresh ingredients as possible.

Cherry Peppers, Green Peppers, Onions, Garlic, Vinegar, Water, Sugar, Spices, Salt

Hellish Hoagie Relish


Cucumbers, Garlic, Vinegar, Water, Thai Chili, Dill, Spices, Mustard Seed, Salt

Dem Spicy Spears
*Made with Saint Lucifer Spice


Green Beans, Garlic, Vinegar, Water, Thai Chili, Dill, Spices, Mustard Seed, Salt

Zing Beans


Cucumbers, Garlic, Vinegar, Water, Dill, Spices, Mustard Seed, Salt

Straight Up Spears


How We Do

Here’s just a few of the things that make our stuff kind of a big dill.

Where To Find Us

Here’s where you can find our delicious pickles.


  • Talula's Daily - Washington Square West
  • Kensington Quarters - Fishtown
  • Pinot Boutique - Old City
  • Tela's Market - Fairmount
  • Fair Food Farmstand - Reading Terminal Market
  • The Head Nut - Reading Terminal Market
  • One West Cafe - University City
  • Greensgrow Farms - Fishtown
  • Green Aisle Grocery - Various locations
  • Weaver's Way - Mt. Airy and Chestnut Hill
  • Whole Foods - South Street

Philadelphia Suburbs:

  • The Head Nut - Ardmore
  • Tredici Italian Market - Wayne
  • Trove General Store - Paoli
  • Keystone Homebrew Supply Store - North Wales
  • Penns Woods Winery - Chadds Ford

New Jersey:

  • Gorshin Trading Post - Haddonfield

Co-op's & CSA's:

  • Philly Food Works CSA
  • Kensington Food Co-op
  • Weaver's Way Co-op
  • Greensgrow CSA

Restaurants & Food Trucks:

  • all'onda - Union Square, New York City
  • Mucho Bueno - Roaming the streets of Philadelphia and Conshohocken
  • Meltkraft/Valley Shepherd Creamery - Rittenhouse & Reading Terminal Market